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Super quiet Marine Watermakers that still produce high volumes of drinkable water!

Running out of drinkable water while spending long periods of time out on the ocean is a thing of the past. Schenker watermakers are the perfect solution for turning saltwater into pure drinkable water quietly and at high volumes, allowing you to stay out in open water for longer periods of time. All Schenker watermakers use up to 80% less electricity and provide 85% less CO2 emissions when compared to conventional systems, and only need 110 watts to produce 30 L/h. Schenker watermakers can also be powered directly from service batteries without the need for running the boat’s engine or a generator.

EDS Marine Video Collection

Schenker Watermaker Video -Zen 30

Schenker Watermaker Video - Modular 100

Winterizing your Schenker Watermaker

How to properly start up a Schenker Watermaker

How to check power on your Schenker Watermaker Control Panel

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